Fabiola Larios Artificial Intelligence Artist

Fabiola Larios Interdisciplinary Artist (Mexico, 1986). Interdisciplinary artist with studies at The Knight Foundation Art + Research Center (A+RC) program (Research Department of the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami), as well as specialization courses by Derrick Schultz, Andreas Reefsgard, Amor Muñoz and Jaime Lobato.

Her work addresses the concepts of identity, vulnerability and the representation of the self on the Internet. Through the use of machine learning, she works with the extraction of information and images from the internet, using and manipulating facial recognition to address issues such as the selfie, the internet persona, avatars and surveillance capitalism.
She has performed Live Acts and Videoperformance in Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Bikini Wax, Mana Contemporary Miami, Teatro de las Artes - Centro Nacional de las Artes CENART, Centro de Cultura Digital, Encuentro Tecnofeminista Cyborgrrrls and in the Helloworld 2.0 Festival. She participated in ICONIC, the First Cryptocurrency Biennial, What's your Handle? curated by Angelica Fuentes and in Artificial Realities NFT Exhibition in NYC curated by Ivona Tau.

She has worked for artists such as Jaime Lobato and Paolo Cirio. She is part of the Foundation and AI Art Gallery of NeurIPS2020 (Neural Information Processing Systems) curated by Luba Elliot. He has taught workshops at Centro de Cultura Digital and School of Machines.

Fabiola Larios