Picture of Fabiola Larios

Fabiola Larios

As an interdisciplinary artist, her work is focused on probing the convergence of technology, identity, and representation in the digital age. Utilizing machine learning, AI, net art, and computers, she endeavors to question our comprehension of the self and the influence of social media and the internet on our existence.

Her installations are often visually striking, employing glitter, LEDs, and girly aesthetics to evoke a sense of warmth and nostalgia. At the same time, she investigates themes related to programmed obsolescence and e-waste, showcasing a deep commitment to elevating consciousness about the environmental impact of technology.

Simultaneously, her work scrutinizes the ways technology is molding our understanding of ourselves and our personal data. By delving into themes associated with avatars, surveillance capitalism, and the selfie culture, she challenges viewers to contemplate critically about the implications of our digital lives and the manners in which our personal information is exploited by corporations and governments.